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About Bali Zoo

Way more than a look from afar type of zoo, Bali Zoo offers an interactive tour of getting to know more than 500 animals from 70 different native Indonesian species housed in its premises. Nestled near Ubud, Bali Zoo Park offers a great educational experience for kids and animal lovers visiting Bali. Enjoy a variety of educational and entertaining programs and activities at the zoo while learning about the unique fauna of the island. Home to some amazing animal species like lions, tigers, crocodiles, otters, gibbons, cockatoos, deer, elephants, and orangutans, Bali Zoo also has an excellent conservation program for endangered species.

A lush green scenery adorns the grounds, and visitors are left in awe of the vibrant flora spread across the zoo. Strolling around the shaded paths of the zoo, children too will find a lot of amazing activities to participate in, like a petting zoo, pony rides, etc. The general Bali Zoo entrance ticket often offers only walks around the zoo. Guests can however choose a more immersive experience with any of the 4 programs the zoo offers, such as Breakfast with Orangutan, Elephant Mud Fun, etc. While enjoying all this, if guests wish to grab a bite they can try the Gayo Restaurant or Wana Restaurant, few of the great dining options available at the zoo.

Bali Zoo At a Glance

About the Activity
  • Learn a lot about the wonderful fauna and flora of Indonesia in a peaceful and beautiful environment during your visit to Bali Zoo.

  • Participate in various activities at the zoo, such as Breakfast with Orangutan, Elephant Mud Fun and others.

  • Catch a glimpse of the many exotic species like Asian Forest Tortoise, otters, sun bear, Bengal tiger, African lion etc.

  • Get a chance to participate in the Night at Zoo activity which will ensure a unique experience with other animals in addition to a BBQ dinner and Fire Dance Show.

  • Children will love taking pony rides, petting deers, bunnies and get to play at the Jungle Splash Waterplay.

  • Begin your tour as per the Bali Zoo Ticket and get a chance to enjoy Breakfast with Orangutans at the zoo.

  • Take a walk and explore the different animals like African Lion, Bengal Tiger, SaltWater Crocodile, Bawean Deer and others in the zoo with an expert guide by your side for the next 6 hours.

  • In between the tour, you will be able to enjoy the Elephant Mud Fun activity, bathing and feeding the gigantic creatures.

  • Grab a delectable meal at one of the many restaurants in the premises before continuing to the Bird Presentation.

  • Later your kids can spend time feeding the baby deers and bunnies at the petting zoo, and take pony rides.

  • Enjoy the amazing zoo with over 350 species, as you spend quality time with your family and friends for a day.

  • The Ticket to Bali Zoo will include various facilities for guests, such as round transfers from the hotel to the zoo.

  • The basic ticket includes entry to the zoo, while visitors can select packages which are also covering various activities available at Bali Zoo.

  • Guests will also get operator ensured insurance and a chance for animal interaction upon their visit.

  • The tickets also include the Elephant Mud Fun activity for visitors to enjoy.

  • Upon arrival, they will be greeted with tea/ coffee, and later in the day, their meals will include lunch for the guests.

  • As the package upgrades, the facilities too will change according to the activity included.

Why Visit Bali Zoo?

In total, there are around 500 creatures in the Bali Zoo, representing 70 different Indonesian species of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Alligators, elephants, and orangutans are some of the wildlife you'll see when you're in the Zoo's enclosures. Many tropical plants can be found growing across luxuriant grounds. While strolling along the well-shaded walkways, you'll get a chance to see a wide variety of Indonesia's flora and animals. There are four wonderful programs available at Bali Zoo in addition to the free regular admission that permits visitors to explore the zoo at their little speed. Breakfast With Orangutan, Elephant Mud Fun, Night at the Zoo, and Elephant Expedition are just a few of the interesting programs.

As a bonus, the Bali Zoo Ticket offers several kid-friendly activities in addition to access to its extensive collection of exotic wildlife. The Jungle Splash Waterplay is a great place for children to enjoy after exploring the zoo. Kids can even indulge in activities like pony rides and have fun at the petting zoo specifically made for them.

Supporting the local conservation initiatives is another benefit of a trip to the Bali Zoo. And after a day of fun and excitement, guests can unwind at the spa or eat at one of the many restaurants available.

Explore Bali Zoo

Breakfast with the Orangutans

A special meal with the zoo's finest beloved inhabitants, the orangutans, is served each morning. Guests are welcomed with a cup of tea or coffee once they get there. Breakfast will be covered in the entrance fee and you can have it whilst you watch these amazing animals roam around you. It will be difficult to concentrate on the great cuisine when you're just a few steps away from the mischievous orangutans. This is the zoo's greatest family-friendly program, suitable for visitors of all ages who want to learn about animals up close.

Elephant Mud Bath and Expedition

The Sumatran Elephants at the zoo are very friendly and amazing to enjoy the time with during your visit. While the Elephant Expedition takes you on a ride atop one of the world's biggest land animals, the Elephant Mud Bath is more relaxing and focuses on bonding with the gentle creature.Enjoy the ride through the lush landscapes of the zoo, crossing various beautiful areas during the 20-minute ride of the expedition. In the Mud Bath guests will get comfortable with the elephants as they bathe them, splash water on them and clean them with their own hands. Feed them their favorite treats with your hand and get some great pictures clicked during the wonderful experience.

Jungle Splash Water Play Park

A great place for kids to head to after a long day or just to relax in between the tour, the Jungle Splash Water Park is entertaining. Kids love playing in the water fountains of the outstanding aquatic playground. Bring a pair of swimsuits for your kids to ensure they make the best of this trip! The playground has various water-based slides that will thrill your kid and they even offer facilities like a cabana, changing lockers, etc.

Petting Zoo

The zoo is an educational as well as entertaining experience for kids visiting along with their families. One such amazing experience that awaits the kids is the Petting Zoo. A great opportunity for kids to learn to engage with wildlife in a safe environment, the petting farm provides a unique setup. Kids can enjoy petting and feeding small babies of bunnies or deers as they learn more about these fascinating creatures of the wild.

Fire Dance Show

As the Zoo is bustling during the daytime, the night brings a different side to the adventure. After hours at the zoo include an exclusive Night Safari for visitors who wish to experience the place in a different light.

The Night Safari lasts till 9 PM and includes a wide range of activities, ending in one sensational Fire Dance Show. Guests get to enjoy the professional dancers putting on a very vibrant and lively performance with fire and their amazing moves on upbeat music over a delectable Brazilian dinner.

Know Before Visit Bali Zoo

Plan A Visit
Essential Information

Location: The Bali Zoo is nestled near Ubud and is also easily accessible from Sanur and Kuta. Located in Singapadu Gianyar, the zoo is close to many popular tourist attractions in and near Ubud. Address: Jl. Raya Singapadu, Sukawati 80582, Indonesia, Bali

Timings: The Bali Zoo is open for visitors from 9 AM to 5 PM on all days except Wednesday and Saturday. On these two days, the zoo is open till late for visitors to enjoy a stunning sunset and then book a Night Safari for a unique experience.

How to Reach: Visitors can easily reach the Bali Zoo by local transportation such as buses or shared taxis. Direct bus routes link the zoo to Ubud and the main airport of Bali. For more comfortable and easier travel, guests can choose to take a cab or rental car to drive on their own.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Zoo is during the months of Spring/Summer, from April to September. During the day, guests should look up the timings of various activities or programs they wish to indulge in, to decide what time suits them best. Such as, early morning visits are great for Breakfast With Orangutan and late evening visits on certain days include the Night at the Zoo program.

  • The zoo is best suited for families with kids and animal lovers who are looking for adventure.

  • To avoid standing in long lines, book an online ticket for entrance or the various programs and save some time.

  • The Elephant Mud Fun and Elephant Expedition can be a messy encounter, so keep a change of clothes with you for the same.

  • The Zoo has great places to enjoy both western and Indonesian food, so skip eating outside or bringing food along in the backpack.

  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will have to explore the zoo on foot, and you will be walking or standing for most of the time.

  • Do carry sunscreen, hats, and water bottles along for convenience.

Bali Zoo FAQs

What are the timings for the Bali Zoo?

Bali Zoo Park is open for visitors from 9 AM - 5 PM to enjoy walk-in tours of the zoo and participate in the various activities and programs. For the Night at Zoo activity the timings are 6 PM - 9 PM for the visitors to enjoy a night safari experience.

Is it safe to take photos inside Bali Zoo?

Yes, it is completely safe to take photos inside the Bali Zoo. The staff will even take pictures from the personal cameras of guests without any charge. Guests enjoy getting clicked with tiger cubs and elephants or during breakfast with the Orangutan program. One should definitely capture their kids blissfully enjoying the petting zoo, an experience they want to remember for life.

Is Bali Zoo safe for children?

The Bali Zoo Park is entirely safe for children of all ages, as most of the animals are safely tucked away inside barricaded areas. The security is always on alert and ensures the safety of their guests. Other activities for children are also conducted responsibly and under supervision of experts.

Is Bali Zoo worth visiting?

Bali Zoo is one of the best places to visit with the family or solo as an avid animal lover. The zoo has amazing flora and fauna, native to the Indonesian land. Unlike many other zoo's, the Bali Zoo also offers various programmes for visitors to enjoy during their visit, and take a closer look at the amazing fauna of the island. But above everything, this place is a must visit when traveling with kids, as they’ll enjoy exploring the grounds of the zoo and participate in activities arranged specifically for them. They can take pony rides, go to the petting zoo or have fun at the Jungle splash Water Play.

What is the best time to visit Bali Zoo?

The best time to visit the Bali Zoo is during the months of spring and summer, from April to September. These months have pleasant weather, perfect for outdoor adventures and exploring through the zoo flora. Guests should decide the time of the day for their visit according to the activity they wish to participate in. From breakfast with Orangutans to Night Safari, the zoo has plenty of activity spread throughout the day.


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